Bling1907 inspired from iPod commercials

Alpha teams hired hand. He started out as a none UBCS member but just helping,until he got promoted to a full time helper.


Bling1907 first started at on July 11,2009 for fixing "Chaff Grenades" page.Later,he fixed other pages as well.

RE wikiaEdit

He also entered RE wikia at the time but it doesn't have anything to repair.Few days later he entered S.T.A.R.SofRE and entered Alpha Team.

Black eraEdit

Bling1907 did not enter any of the wikis untill May 24th,without a reason...

U.B.C.S GameEdit

On May 28th,a message(a invite)from JosephFrost0304 to join UBCS Game.He said "I don't have anything else to do it" and accepted.


Bling1907 helped other comrades and JosephFrost0304.He fixed little things on game's main page.


A f*cking bastard banned JosephFrost from RE wikia and he can't enter 'till Oct.1!and he contacted us from diffrent wikis.

This siteEdit

JosephFrost and User:Cybil24 opened UBCS wiki.Most of the members doesn't know this site at the time.JosephFrost,Bling and more members have to wake up everyone.  


Now he's discovering other wikis and "signuture"the user pages he likes/visits.

Creating wikis?Edit

He currently plans that he might open some wikis.(Also said "An one for myself,of course")

Wiki Under ConstructionEdit

He's currently editing his own wikia: 

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