I had to make this report so that the other U.B.C.S. members might find it helpful when my gene becomes highly unstable and I go into a frenzy.

I think I'm starting to understand this gene I have inside me. Whenever I go through high levels of stress, anger, and jealousy even, my body undergoes rough changes, turning my skin red and greatly increasing my strength, agility, and endurance, I now become acrobatic and can wall jump quickly. There are leech-shaped clusters which allow regeneration for wounds and eventually, lost limbs. When needed, I could let loose some tentacles out of my arms to climb on to high places and cross long distances like a Bandersnatch. It seems that taking heavy damage can result in various mutaions which gives off a huge increase in my combat abilities. I can control some forms at will but I start to lose control when undergoing further mutations. It was actually my uncle, Dr. Trev Curien, who gave me the CG when I was one year old.

Viruses Edit

1.V-ACT - Main virus Trigger 2.G-Virus - Mutation Capability 3.Regenerator Plagas - Regeneration of wounds and lost limbs 4.Uroboros Virus - Long-Range multi-purpose tentacles.


(C1)Crimson Humanoid (C2)Super Crimson (C3)Hyper Crimson (C4)Crimson Tyrant (C5)Demon C. Tyrant


CG1096-An experimental drug that Cybil made with the help of Jak's blood. Jak had to perform various tasks and was analyzed to see what triggers his "moments". Cybil figured that a type of relaxant would help jak calm down and keep his composer. This drug only calms the crimson gene temporally, just enough time to get jak out of the eyes of public and also umbrella's.