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  • I walk in the airport turmanal and see no one. I slowly pull out my Frost Redemeer and open a door, Nothing. What is behind door number 2. I open it, nothing.-JosephFrost0304 wrote that at 8:20 pm september 12th.

  • I want NO back up. I pull out my Hydra and blast away 4 zombies. What, a las plagas outbreak here to! I shot two in the head with my Hydra. The pull out my Frost Redemeer and shot 2 more zombies and 3 more majinis, and 2 ganados.-JosephFrost0304 wrote that at 5:44 pm September 12th.

  • I'm landing, What There was a outbreak here!!!!-JosephFrost0304 wrote that at 9:35 pm September 11th.

  • I'm on a plane going to Spain, they said the heard about Axel Scott being there.-JosephFrost0304 wrote that at 9:30 pm September 11th, (Hey It's 9/11)

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