Our U.B.C.S. charlie team fighter pilot.

UBCS storyEdit

At three years of age I took and fired a BB-gun at a clueless kid (Maggie Simpson-style)=] therefore developing my shooting skills. At seven years during a tantrum fit my skin went more red than usual for the first time but luckily it stopped. When I was ten years old I was going to get beat up by a group of bullies but once again my skin went crimson and I charged at them, when my mind was stable they were all on the floor crippled up and bruised. The rest of my life was nothing but beatdowns, shootings, and sneaking out. When I joined the Army at nineteen years old I got the chance to redeem myself but then crazy-a** me had to go "borrow" a helicopter and fired some missiles at some unknown creatures (holy **** it turned out to be a pack of Hunters). The moment I returned home after being kicked out of the Army an invite was at my door. Since then I am now a member of the UBCS as the Rapid Assault pilot. Those Zombies better not make me angry now...........


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