A New Adversary Edit

After the death of the Wesker's killer, an unknown transmission came into the radio communicator to find that a new enemy is out there to destroy all U.B.C.S. members. With no evidence of why these new enemies are showing their faces now, investigators are in a stalemate. After hearing that both Alpha and Delta's team leaders, Josephfrost0304 and Flaming Skull of Heaven, were attacked by a oncoming wrecking ball. We believe that the operator was indeed this mysterious enemy.
For all we know this man could have the U.B.C.S. headquarters under surveillance, to make matters worse, investigators that were sent to the location of where Cybil24 was saved and rescued, to find nothing but chard remains of the building. No body was found in the mass of ashes. The U.B.C.S. will be in high alert until leaders are able to find out what they can about this new opponent.

Until the next article, Good Day

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