• Operation:Raccoon Clean Sweep.(JosephFrost0304, Jessica Redfield, and Stephendwan)
  • Operation:White House Assault.(JosephFrost0304 and Jessica Redfield)
  • Operation:Liptom Airborne.(Jakraus)
  • Operation:Sewer Nemesis.(Stephendwan)
  • Operation:Crow kill.(Chrisleon and Nighthawk)
  • Operation:New York Spread.(Jakraus, Stephendwan, and Goblin6)
  • Operation:Rockfort Spread.(Jakraus)
  • Operation:Raccoon Zoo.(Chrisleon and Nighthawk)
  • Operation:Mission RPD.(Chrisleon and Goblin6)
  • Operation:Hunter Madness.(Flaming skull of heaven, L-Dawg, and Goblin6)
  • Operation:Deep Trouble.(Weskiller and KrauserJack234)
  • Operation:HQ Attack.(Stephendwan and Jakraus)
  • Operation:HUMVEE Madness.(JosephFrost0304 and Jessica Redfield)
  • Operation:Rescue Leaders.(JosephFrost0304, Jessica Redfield, and Jakraus)
  • Operation:Hollywood.(Chrisleon and Cybil24)
  • Operation:China.(Cybil24, Chrisleon and Flaming skull of heaven)
  • Operation:Salazar's Castle.(Bling1907, Flaming Skull of heaven and Goblin6)
  • Operation:Spain.(Stephendwan and Jakraus)
  • Operation:2nd Raccoon City.(Bling1907, Gang Banger and 3 civilians)
  • Operation:HQ Verdego.(Bling1907, JosephFrost0304 and Jessica Redfield)
  • Operation:Wesker's killer.(JosephFrost0304, Cybil24, NeoDante, Bling1907, Gang banger)
  • Operation:Interrogate Axel. (JosephFrost0304, Bling1907, Stephendwan, and Axel Scott)
  • Operation:Battle to the death. (Axel Scott, Stephendwan)
  • Operation:Frost's body. (Stephendwan, Flaming skull of heaven)
  • Operation:Steal Frost's body. (Scarecrow killer)
  • Operation:Bye Bye Only one. (JosephFrost0304, Stephendwan, The only one, Axel Scott)
  • Operation:Jakraus' chopper. (Jakraus, Bling1907, and Axel Scott)
  • Operation:Kill Axel. (JosephFrost0304, Bling1907, and Jakraus)
  • Operation: Second New york spread. (Agent Faces, Dante135, Vampiro112, Bling1907, and JosephFrost0304)
  • Operation: Save the flame. (Dante135, Vampiro112, JosephFrost0304, and Stephendwan)
  • Operation: Battle Axel. (JosephFrost0304, Stephendwan, Flaming Skull of heaven, Dante135, SPARTAN-984, Bling1907)
  • Operation: Rings of Doom. (JosephFrost0304, Stephendwan, Bling1907, Cybil24, Jakraus, Flaming skull of Heaven, Rocker&Rapper)

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