Promotions Edit

  • Stephendwan is being premoted to the S.O.A.C.W.

Rankings Edit

  • In order. Sagrent Major=A-1
  • Sargent=A-2
  • Corpral Lt.=A-5
  • Lt.=B-1
  • Private Major=B0-2
  • Soldier=B-20Y
  • Editor-Z-78

User RankingsEdit

  • JosephFrost0304=A-1
  • Cybil24=A-2
  • Jessica Redfield=A-5
  • Stephendwan=B-1
  • Chrisleon=B0-2
  • Bling1907=B-20Y
  • Unluckynumber11=B-20Y
  • Jakraus=B-20Y
  • NeoDante=B-20Y
  • Kiramaru16=B-20Y
  • Killergod0190=B-20Y

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