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  • This is our next mission. I have just gotten intel that somewhere in europe there are 5 rings the give people super strength. As strong as Axel wuz. We need to get the ring for our selfs. The people who have them now r gonna use them for bad. We need to stop them


  • I jump in the chopper, all ready?-JosephFrost0304
  • Ready to kick ass.But only two? - Bling1907
  • Two what, people. If it's just me and u we can do it.-JosephFrost0304
  • Count me in guys! Just give the directions and let's go!-Jakraus
  • Good!Now it's three guys versus five super povered d*cks.yay. - Bling1907
  • Jakraus, you fly. Me and bling will be on the .50 cals.-JosephFrost0304
  • Crap! I look down and see the streets are infested with zombies and i open fire-JosephFrost0304
  • I see a woman on a roof look for somewhere to hide but the zombies keep coming, So she jumps. "Did you see that!"-JosephFrost0304
  • "I just got a message from HQ, we just got a call that there are 20 people locked in the mall!"-JosephFrost0304
  • Didn't we supposed to go to Europe?This little town isn't useful.I'lll say we just clean the way.*shots on .50CAL* - Bling1907
  • "How did another outbreak happen. We can't hide umbrellas secrets 4ever"-JosephFrost0304
  • Then this'll be a good evidence.Come on..let's just go to Europe.. - Bling1907


  • (landing)So,How we gonna attack?Any ideas? - Bling1907
  • I can go on recon to see what's going on- Jakraus
  • Joseph,give me sniper support,I gonna check the warehouse - Bling1907
  • (chopper blades in the distance) Hey, you guys can't start the party with gifts right? (Cybil's chopper comes in, drops crates) Take what you need... I got plenty, just let NeoDante know and he'll give it to you! I'm gonna be Jakraus backup... Don't worry guys I'll cover you!- Cybil24
  • I tought you were out of party?Oh thanks for the supplies.I'll say we might need a medic.So i gonna grab the Large Medkit.Also a shotgun for lockpick arternative.. - Bling1907(PS: I should get the satelite maps soon.)
  • You wish... when I heard about a new villain i just had to come and see... oh btw what the hell does axel want? What's our intel on him?--Cybil24 18:32, January 24, 2010 (UTC)
  • Ask Joseph.He got the intel. - Bling1907
  • uh...flaming just told me that axel's dead so nvm...--Cybil24 21:18, January 25, 2010 (UTC)
  • Ahem..Yeah.BTW Here's the first floors map.Red dots are infected.I guess I can get 2nd floor soon. - Bling1907

First floor

  • The clearing around the building is okay but not always. Me and Cybil are gonna go keep a perimeter watch just in case. Give me a call if you guys want support. - Jakraus
  • (Radio) Where are you guys? my radar isint picking up any signs of infected only green dots.Flaming skull of heaven 16:05, January 27, 2010 (UTC)flaming skull of heaven
  • Here's second floor.Green areas are possible pover ring locations.Anyway,i'm entered,pop the zombie at the enterance. - Bling1907


Floor 2

  • (Radio) Skull, the radar on my chopper shows that same green dots in there you better be careful going in. it's probably a jamming frequency that's messing with our radar. Jakrus as far as I know your chopper doesn't have the same tech as mine does what do you see on your end?--Cybil24 00:19, January 30, 2010 (UTC)
  • (Radio) From what I'm seeing there are a couple of Hunters hanging around the second floor, a freakish form of security if you ask me. You also have a point Cybil, my chopper does not have much good tech as yours.-- Jakraus
  • Yep,Hunters on the first floor.Help meh! - Bling1907
  • (radio) Nothing yet except..... oh dear lord HUNTERS!Flaming skull of heaven 14:02, January 30, 2010 (UTC)flaming skull of heaven
  • Miss me? I lost internet and i'm on a friends computer. Hey Cybil. I head up the first floor stairs and shot some hunters. p.S. I hope to get internet bu febuary 4th. MAYBE. Maybe longer.-JosephFrost0304
  • hey frost, be careful sir. Jakraus, I see flashing lights near the mountains I'm a go have a look I'll meet up with you guys later... good luck!
  • Good luck to you to Cybil. Bling , Flamin, Frost, you guys take cover! (Opens fire with the chain gun killing six Hunters) All right, hope that's good quality support for you. -Jakraus
  • We handled the first floor.C'mon!I climbed to top floor and kill every infected on Great Hall. - Bling1907
  • Explosion in the background... (Radio) Mayday, Mayday... My engine just failed and I'm going down hard... I'm spinning... Ahhhhhh.....ahh...*static*--Cybil24 20:18, January 31, 2010 (UTC)
  • People,I gonna wait here for you because I.NEED.BACKUP! - Bling1907
  • (radio) guys if anyone can hear me i am in a dark room cant see anything but glowing orbs. requesting backup!(Screams) (static)Flaming skull of heaven 15:18, February 1, 2010 (UTC)flaming skull of heaven
  • I slamed the door and shot two bullets.I light the lamb and show you the zombie.Wow,there's a tunnel.But first we should check all rooms. - Bling1907
  • Crap,Cybil is in trouble!I gonna find her! - Bling1907
  • (Radio)i cant see! GAH MY EYS THERE BURNING!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.(radio silence)Flaming skull of heaven 16:19, February 2, 2010 (UTC)flaming skull of heaven
  • Got back internet! More hunters. I take them out and pull out my hydra and look up. 50 zombies come stumbling to me. "being outta action sucks, i have waited for this". I blast threw them all and pick up a radio. I check the messages. "Crap, Cybil needs help". I set down the radio and look up, and see on of the rings sitting on the table, i quickly take it and turn around and head down the stairs.-JosephFrost0304
  • hey let me join into the fun. --Stephendwan 20:45, February 2, 2010 (UTC)
  • im walking around a street over to you and i hear a moo sound and then a gekko crashes through the wall and chases me -stephendwan
  • Axel's goons buy some stuff huh?(static)Launch,"chaff program"(a rocket sound,chaff papers everywhere)Here,Gekko pwnd.See ya - Bling1907
  • look out a wierd giant dog dog oh crap it has a head of a cerberus, head of adjule and head of a wolf infected with las plagas btw i wante to try out my new rail gun that i found lying on the street like why would someone want to dump it full ammo and all (the rail gun is the thing that fortune had)-stephendwan
  • I run out the door and blast a hole threw 5 zombies heads and jump down into a alley and head to where cybil is-JosephFrost0304
  • (radio) joseph i cant move any further if i get hit one more time the only will come back my eyes are hurt badly!Flaming skull of heaven 14:55, February 3, 2010 (UTC)flaming skull
  • i shoot the dog with my rail gun blasting the cerberus head and killing that side and then i shoot the right side and end up killing it and then i shoot the middle which splits halve ways and tenticles come out i shoot that and killed the dog (radio) Bling do you need any backup
  • (radio) Ummmmm guys i found the rings...... I shoot two zombies who about to sneak up on me. I am sending my position to you all.Flaming skull of heaven 15:50, February 3, 2010 (UTC)flaming skull
  • (on radio)But where's the Axel's comitee?Search some files will you?Learn where did they headed.. - Bling1907
  • (on radio to everyone) guys i've a bad feeling about the rings it feels like if where falling into a trap or something set up by axel who knows what they have could be a tracking device or a bomb planted in them. user--Stephendwan 22:23, February 5, 2010 (UTC)
  • I stop the car. Bling, i'm going with dwan-JosephFrost0304
  • (radio to Joseph) I found i file telling about the rings im going to check them out and see if there is anything about the rings we dont know about.Flaming skull of heaven 09:23, February 6, 2010 (UTC)flaming skull
  • guys aren't we clearly falling into a trap i think we should be careful with those rings as i think axel would want us to have those rings so that he can kill us. so when i come up please give me the rings flamin im going to lure him out to fight me one-on-one as i think we did not defeat him as he may as well be alive. --Stephendwan 21:07, February 6, 2010 (UTC)
  • Dwan, u lure him. I'll try and snipe. PS Flamin' your gamer tag is Flamin, I send you friend request-JosephFrost0304
  • Hi Frost..... You look up and I inject you. Soon you wont be able to stop killing. HA HA HA!!-user:Axel Scott
  • Crap. I grab my shoulder and fall to the floor. What is happing to me. I look at my arms and see the vanes show. Help......Me.......-JosephFrost0304
  • Oh, Frost, your here. Fallow me.-Axel

(radio to flamin) quick frost has been captured by axel my orders is to save him and just forget about the rings for a moment as we have a human life to save. -stephendwan

(radio to all) WHAT! GRRRR thats it! im turning into the only one. i inject the virus into me and scream like a banshee! LETS GET HIM!Flaming skull of heaven 14:52, February 7, 2010 (UTC)flaming skull

  • (radio to all) we should focus on rescueing frost first then on axel it be safer then attacking axel first. -stephendwan
  • (radio to all) GRRRRR YOUR RIGHT BUT WHAT VIRUS DID AXEL INJECT JOSPEH WITH???Flaming skull of heaven 16:00, February 7, 2010 (UTC)flaming skull
  • (radio to all) not sure but its a new one that causes him to kill everyone he sees and can't stop killing. -stephendwan
  • F**K u Axel..... I fall to the ground. The get on my knees. Ubcs stands no chance. P.S. Happy b-day Bling-JosephFrost0304
  • NO! THERE IS A WAY I HAVE BEEN KEEPING THIS NUKE FOR A VERY LONG TIME!Flaming skull of heaven 11:31, February 8, 2010 (UTC)flaming skull
  • I stand up. I head out the door. I see dwan. I slam him to the wall and start chocking him out-JosephFrost0304
  • Havin' fun?C'mon,let's kick Axel's ass! - Bling1907
  • Guys, just so you know i don't have a good computer and this one freezes often and does not let me log in. But i'll still try and play often. I leave dwan on the floor and see bling run by. I take out my combat knife and stab him in the leg-Josephfrost0304
  • I fall to ground "Dude!What the f***?"Climb up "That thing Axel's host make you stupid!Next i'll do somthing okay?" - Bling1907
  • Frost stop what you are doing we i don't want to end up killing you bling do you have a tranqilizer gun we need one or a tazer gun so that we can use non lethal force on frost. -stephendwan
  • Fools, don't talk like you can beat me. Bling you go for you gun but a draw mine first and aim it at your head-JosephFrost0304
  • i tackle frost to the ground with him dropping his gun 'frost don't do this we don't want to have to kill you' the force of the tackle knocks you out cold but not killing you. axel i want you next come on. -stephendwan
  • Dumy. I stand up while you help up bling. And bash a pole over your skull-JosephFrost0304
  • I jump on top of a buliding with a tranqilzer sniper rifle aiming at your head 'don't worry this will not kill you just put you to sleep.' i fire the gun onto your head before you kill bling. do you not remember that im a mad super human strength then you frost i can jump higher then you. -stephendwan
  • TIME TO BLOW THIS PLACE TO HELL! NUKE EXPLODESFlaming skull of heaven 11:33, February 10, 2010 (UTC)flaming skull
  • I jumped out from building and landed on a jeep.(ow!)"Don't nuke it yet!Joseph's still in there!" - Bling1907
  • bling try and controll flamin i have frost put to sleep with a tranqilizer round i'll handle axel this is an order. -stephendwan
  • That's not enough! I jump out window. Dwan is standing there. We are face 2 face , About 10 meters apart. Rain pouring. Hevey Metal music blasting. "Were will you run where will you hide, i see the blood drip from your eyes"-JosephFrost0304
  • 'fine i fight you but i just won't kill you just knock u out unless u corner me' i switch the heavy metal music with final fantasy 7 boss music and give you a back slap knocking you down 2 d ground. -stephendwan
  • Wow, back slap, wimp. I pull a pole from behind my back and hit it upside your face, making you fall.-JosephFrost0304
  • wow, school really does make me miss out on stuff. I wanna get in but, I'M STILL LOCKED IN A DAMN ROOM!!!!!!!!! Let's say you guys acid the door and I'm free cuz i wanna play this now :)--Cybil24 02:10, February 11, 2010 (UTC)
  • CAN SOMEONE CALL THE 911?seriously! i fall on a Hummer!Jeez. "music: Still Alive - Portal(LMFAO!!)" - Bling1907
  • "All the creepy little bugs all around the corner" I sing as a walk towrds dwan. What's the matter, lost the will to fight? I pull you up and beat you back down with the pipe. You quickly trip me and i fall. Then i kick you and you fly in the air. While you are in mid air and shoot you with the ithaca and you fall to the ground. Blood pouring from your body. But you are still alive.

You throw the pipe and it stick right threw my chest and out threw my back. I fall to one knee. You hold the gun to my head. "What's the matter, can't kill me"-JosephFrost0304

JUST SHOOT HIM HES NO LONGER HIMSELF!Flaming skull of heaven 05:23, February 13, 2010 (UTC)FLAMING SKULL OF HEAVEN

  • (Radios Flaming )Hang on Flamin', I'm coming your way. I also brought Cybil and Bling with me.*Sees Joseph.* What the heck are you doing?-Jakraus
  • Hey,missed anyting?Dunno,there is a anthena on my lung but i wanna shoot Joseph's embryo.Let me shoot him! lol - Bling1907(BTW select your charecters NOW! 2 days remaining)
  • turns back to human form,pulls out a five seven* Thats it im ending this now *aims at Joseph* im sorry...Flaming skull of heaven 16:23, February 13, 2010 (UTC)flaming skull
  • wait,(put my arm in front of flamin* Isn't there another way? There has to be a cure? or a solution?--Cybil24 22:10, February 13, 2010 (UTC)
  • BUNCH A CHICKENS!!!! I kick dwan and get nocked out cold. I kick Bling and bash his head with a pipe. I pull out a throwing knife and stab jak in the shoulder and he falls. I grab Skulls arm, twist it, he drops the gun. I pick it up and aim it at skulls face. He kicks me back and pulls out a shotgun and aims it at me. But I grab Cybil and hold her to me, the gun to her head. "cum on skull your words may be strong but your will is weak"-JosephFrost0304
  • "No, not again....." *I start to become a bit mentally unstable, all while recalling a flashback all of a sudden* "No, please don't kill my comrade, please let her be free, Cybil...... be free.., don't do it...... Wesker's Killer, no no..... GANG BANGER!!!!!!!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I now lost full control of my sanity and charged at Frost head on. I grabbed on to his arm, bit his hand that was holding the gun, and violently shoved him away from Cybil. Everyone now sees me at last in my Crimson 1 form, my skin became complete red with claws growing from my hands. I then pull out the knife from my shoulder and the wound regenerated back to normal. "Why sir.........why. Why have you forced this creature out of me? Don't..., don't make me..... WANT TO KILL YOU!!!!!! IF I DO, THEN I'M GOING TO HAVE TO TEAR AXEL APART NEXT!!!!!"- Jakraus
  • light go out* what the! *fires at red eyes.Flaming skull of heaven 11:01, February 14, 2010 (UTC)flaming skull
  • i lose controll over my body causing me due to frost knocking me out cold i grab frost and throw him against the wall and hold him in place with my arm raised 'i was planning on doing this along time ago but i get to do it now sorry the umbrella head ordered you destroyed' -stephendwan
  • 'im not on your side nor on axel's side im on my own' i impale frost with my tyrant hand into the head 'goodnight frost your comrades will soon join you my goal is simple to destroy everything on this planet and i need to destroy those rings.' -stephendwan
  • I hardly aim my Desert Eagle at Joseph's head while he fights with you."You will regenerate later" and 2 bullets to the head.He falls to the ground,blood coming out of his head.I pull out my hand cuffs and hold on to him.While aiming my gun at his body Wake up!I think it's over.. *sigh* Take him to the HQ,do some test,learn the virus' capabilities while Flaming,Step and Jackraus taking his body away.. - Bling1907
  • Dwan you retard. i can't die. And you just told me your plans. Just so all you know.... All you need to do is cure me and i'll help you take down Axel, and dwan for that matter. "Why did you have to go and let it die". I dislocate my thumb and get loose of the cuffs and spin around and handcuff bling. i quickly throw him on jak and pull out my frost redemmer and shoot jak in the leg. "jak, seems you and cybil got a lil thing going huh"? 'Ready to die by your own creation Jak, Cybil cum save your bf"-JosephFrost0304
  • This is just so fun to watch! Guys, it's Me you want. You all look up at me aiming your guns. "THE FINAL SHOW DOWN HUH". Just one little not so good thing. I hold out the antidote, and drop it, it smashes all over the ground. tick. tick. tick. You look and see TNT all over one wall. "You guys are in too deep and out of time"-Axel Scott
  • 'You guys are more easily fooled then your commander frost i have the president held hostage hanging over a dormant volcano that is unless i activated oh and i also have a bomb planted in a hospital that is the biggest in new york and has more patients then anyone else and if i die both things will happen HAHAHAHA' i grab the rings that fallen onto the ground doing the fighting i then jump onto a buliding and hop in my a waiting helicopter and fly off 'im going to stick around for the fire work show HAHAHAHAHA carnage and destruction and killing is only fun when its senseless HAHAHA oh and have fun getting killed by your own boss and commander that be more fun' -stephendwan
  • 0.0.... uh you guys are fully aware that my husband!!!!!!! like's to watch this site....!!!(back to the game) *i shoot a elephant tranq into stephen* that gotta knock him out? *stephan gets groggy* punches the hydra into your right leg* please change your message joseph
  • Oh, sorry Cybil. I'm kidding. Hope your husband knows. Just playin' around. But back to the game...... "Dwan, really?" think of your own ideas man. Don't copy me with turning bad, or Axel with the hospital. But I Takle cybil, and shoot jak right in the shoulder. 'One bad thing Axel..:" Your little virus does not make me not want to kill you too. I lunge and Axel and pash him to the wall.-JosephFrost0304
  • I fall.. *pistol pointed at your stomach "get off of me!" I place my knee on you rib and kick you off!--Cybil24 03:07, February 15, 2010 (UTC)
  • (I get up and the wounds regenerate themselves.) "No one....plays with my emotions, NO ONE!!!" I dashed forward and swiped Frost in the chest, took the redeemer, discarded the clip and the rocket, and threw it aside. "I made that gun for you as a sign of friendship, infected or not, no one dares to hurt me with my creations!!" I pull out my Px4 Handgun and shot two electric blasts at you. "Oh and one more thing, Cybil and I do not have a 'thing' going on, she is a comrade and a friend, nothing else. And I don't want to kill you, I'm just going to tire you out so that we can find another antidote for your virus" (Gives a murderous glare at Axel). -- Jakraus
  • I'm walking to the chopper at front.Getting out from that depot."Genteman.Let's go!" - Bling1907
  • 'HA that trang does not work on my cybil and this chopper is bullet prooof on the armor and glass so don't bother to kill me i just come frost i had my plan from the start when i first joined but my idea is different btw im going off to get my plans ready' i fly off to mount vesuivus which i plan to make it erupt to you guys. -stephendwan
  • I see a carpark.I think they don't mind if I "take one".Wait here,I get the car. - Bling1907
  • Goddammit!Shoot the engine!That's weakest point of the chopper.(throw my M203) use this! - Bling1907
  • "no need" everyone sees me with a 50. caliber rifle and aim at the chopper engine that connects to the blades "you can't fly without wings" i shoot the top chopper blades and then shot the rear end of the chopper "no one messes with my chopper and gets away with it!" i reload my rifle. "Oh and bling if you see a Black F-250(dibs)truck make sure the pull tow is connected to it." i throw my keys to the truck to bling "it's in the garage in the base."
  • Must I do every thing??!!. I hit the button and one wall bashes to the ground and covers frost and Cybil. The explosion knocks dwans chopper out of the air. "You are not the villan here i am"-Axel Scott
  • i grab the rings and put them onto my fingers giving me more powers including the ability to raise dead creatures and create monsters and the ability to fly without wings and use magical attacks on enemyies and to have healing magic i summon 50 t-rex's onto the place and kick the helicopter into the place where ubcs are fighting axel and fly away to mount vesuvius where i plant bombs into the crater and trigger the count down and i fly high up into the sky. 'enjoy your selves in hell HAHAHAHA' -stephendwan
  • okay this is getting way to weird.... Is this resident evil or jurassic park? I'm getting really confused--Cybil24 20:16, February 15, 2010 (UTC)
  • I agree with Cybil. Dwan back up. Really? None of this dino crap. Start from here, Axel blows up the wall. The wall falls on me and Cybil. Your chopper crashed.-JosephFrost0304
  • I rise from the rubble. I wipe the dust of my jaket. I fall to my knees. 'AHHHHHHHHHH" "HELP ME". "Cybil?" I help you up. "Come on". Jakraus runs up, but a smack him to the ground. I aim the gun at cybil. 'DIE'. But i drop the gun. 'What is going on with me? I help up jak, 'Sorry'. 'DIE'!!!!!! i shoot jak right in the chest. "What if i say your not like others!!!! What if i just say your chaff. "Who you are you" I face Axel. "Your the one i want". "Who are you"!. 'Who am I". I look at a puddle, my reflection drives me crazy.-JosephFrost0304
  • "Jak!" i run to my comrade and check his vitals... "Captain! Snap out of it!" Stab you in the arm before you throw me off... "Captain!!!!"--Cybil24 02:07, February 16, 2010 (UTC)
  • Is he dead. I hold the pistol in one hand. The other hand is wrapped around my stab wound. 'You stabbed me'?-JosephFrost0304
  • "I'll deal with you later Cybil" I walk towrds Dwans wreaked chopper. He goes for his gun. I step on his hand and grab the rings. I hear you guys screaming at me. I hold the rings in front of my face. then drop them down the cliff into the great atlantic-JosephFrost0304
  • "Jak's fine, but he's losing a lot of blood". I point my samurai edge towards you and slowly kneel. I drop my gun and press my hand on the bullet wound. "I can get the bullet but I need to get him inside, I don't wanna risk an infection". Jakraus skin turns back to normal. He coughs. "Good, the bullet didn't go through his lungs or any organs", "Captain, help with the do... realized the wall has a big hole in the wall. "nevermind, I got it" I carried Jak into the office.
  • What now? what are we going to do?Flaming skull of heaven 11:16, February 16, 2010 (UTC)flaming skull
  • "I guess we go find where Axel is"--Cybil24 16:23, February 16, 2010 (UTC)
  • distant ambulance horn*Here,put Jack in here.Cybil,come with me,I can't cure him.Let's go! - Bling1907
  • "Okay!"--Cybil24 18:26, February 16, 2010 (UTC)
  • I charge up my railgun to maximun i then fire my rail gun at ambulance blowing it up 'thought i was dead the party is just starting' i fire at cyblils leg blasting it off. -stephendwan
  • I reach my walkie - talkie and silently say *apocalypse strike* and you get like a million bombers on the way while I walk out Cybil to a hospital.Safely.. - Bling1907
  • I jump up into the air infront of you 'think a few fireworks will work on me think again' i pull out my pistol and shoot cybil's other leg 'better hurry up or she bleed to death HAHA.' i use my radio to call out some GEKKO. -stephendwan
  • F U Dwan. i beat u to the ground with the butt of my scar-h. I shoot u in the chest. I shoot you again in the head. "1 for cybil". I shoot you again in the throat. Another 4 jakraus. "Bling give me your gun". You hand it to me. Then i smack you outta the way. I hold out a shot. then quickly inject dwan in the shoulder. "Can't finish this without my best man. i look at Cybil. "Forgive me". i look back at dwan, "Again i ask, Why did you have to go and let it die"? I inject myself. Curing me. "Bling, where did you park your car"? You point to it. "You got one last smoke?" You answer with a no. i salute to you two. then shut the door. 'Oh ya, skull". skull walks over to me. It's now up to you u to fight Axel if this does not work. I step on the gas and head strait for Axel head on. Propane tanks are loaded in the back. I hit axel head on. Then shoot the tanks. A explosion fills the air. My leg is caught. i glance and see and smoke fall to me. 'Bling you sneaky son of a bitch'. I light it and wait-JosephFrost0304
  • everyone on the team that alive of course runs to you and got u out of the truck "U.B.C.S. can't exist without the leader!" we all run before the car explodes
  • 'sorry frost i don't know why i ended up going crazy i couldn't stop myself from trying to kill you guys something had to have taken over my body...' i put the smoke into my mouth. -stephendwan
  • It's alright Dwan, but if you do it again i'm gonna kill you. I wink at you. jak, this crimson gene, is this something you want, can you control it? And, is Axel dead?-JosephFrost0304
  • "Ugh" I stand up from the fire. Fire covering my body. "What if i say i'm not ever gonna die" I wipe my arms. "I'm immortal".-Axel Scott
  • "WHAT THE HELL". I aim my redemmer, The rest of my team aims there guns at you to. Your time is up Axel-JosephFrost0304
  • You want me to give away your secret do you frost.-Axel Scott
  • "Oh no don't talk about it, oh please don't talk about, oh no don't talk, not one more word about it, oh no don't think about, it goes away'-JosephFrost0304
  • I point a gun at your head, speak frost. or you die. You fall to one knee. All the vocies in your head, that you refuse to hear are driving you crazy. But i'm the face that you have to face, mirrored in your stare, i'm whats left, i'm whats right, i'm the enamy-user:Axel Scott
  • I quickly push Joseph to you guys, you guys catch him, making you take your eyes off me. I punch jak in the face making him fall to the ground. I then jump in the air and do a 360, and kick skull to the wall. I land and round house kick cybil to the ground. I then look and see you all surrounding me. "If this is my last stand i'm gonna give you guyz the fight of your life". i take off my sun glasses and drop them in front of me. I then step on them as i walk to u guyz. "This is gonna be one hell of a show"-Axel Scott
  • I run up to you but you grab my arm and flip me one my back. I pull out my hydra and shoot you in the back-JosephFrost0304
  • 'I see death coming towards me but i don't feel like dying right now yet unless axel' i jump back and tackle axel down to the ground and punch him in the face 'shoot him now frost with my rocket launcher.' -stephendwan
  • I shoot that rocket strait at axel. it makes him fly to the ruble of the wall. But he just stands back up and wipes of his jaket.-JosephFrost0304
  • Axel sees a faint red blur and the last thing he sees is me once more in C1 form blasting him with my remington shotgun at point-blank range "That's for turning Commander Frost against us making me want to kill him.", followed by a claw swipe to the chest. "And THAT'S FOR PUNCHING ME TO THE FACE!!!!!" I then go help Skull and Cybil up.-Jakraus
  • "thanks Jak" I ready my western shotgun and aim at axel... He grabs my gun and throws it away... I stand in a ready position(a position your in when your about to sprint)... He cracks his knuckles and smirks at me... "that won't intimidate me"... I ready my knife, he starts laughing... When I run towards him, I try to quick stab him... he counters and grabs me... throws my knife to the ground...
  • Come on Cybil. i thought you were not a easy target. You see me glance at the knife. But i kick sand in your face and kick you to the ground. I then impale my hand right threw the bricks and pull out a steel blade, and walk to you. Wesker's killer was my partner-Axel Scott
  • I jump on Axel's back before he reaches cybil and start stabbing him in the neck. But he flings me off and throws me at cybil. I get up and help up cybil, "You ok"-JosephFrost0304
  • You guys ok? You need any back up? You look over at me and see and young kid about 18 saluting to you. I can help kill Axel. Axel looks at my, a smirk on his face. "You must be axel you retard'. Axel thinks, this kid must be really stupid or have balls of steal-user:Rocker&Rapper
  • I dash swipe at Axel but he dodges me completely, I go again but he dodges once more, I dashed at him the third time and I missed. "How long are we doing this?" said Axel. But I jumped off the wall and dished out a hard knee blow to the face followed by a roundhouse kick to the rib cage. "HAH! How does it feel to have your face all bashed up!" -Jakraus
  • "I'm fine..." I glare at Axel. "I could care less", "Do you wanna know how I killed your so-called partner?","I chopped his head off with an ax", I pat the dust off of me... "Oh, and Axel... your partner never mentioned anything about you, when he had me tied up to that god forsaken chair!", "I'll tell you what Axel, I took data from Wesker's killer before I left that compound"... "Is that why your hear?" "You attacked my team mates while I was taking my break, you knew I would come back... didn't you."--Cybil24 01:57, February 19, 2010 (UTC)
  • I fly fowards to you with a zombie hordes along with a undestructable chopper."Let's end this thing!" and you all like "WTF?".(BTW i'm Bling's brother :P) - Bling1907(not really but..)
  • "Cybil don't get to close, he will kill you with 1 punch". I look at Rocker&Rapper. "The more the better". I throw him a shotgun. P.S. I don't know if you are bling or his brother, but make another account, we don't need to blings.-JosephFrost0304
  • "Captain, lemme take care of him...", "I can take him"... I look at Axel, "You want me? Come and get me!" "If you can!"... I taunt Axel, "Everyone, back off... this is a score to settle!"--Cybil24 01:21, February 20, 2010 (UTC)
  • I launch rockets to Axel and my zombies running wide open to you. - Bling1907(btw he's gonna come back soon i think no need for new account)
  • guys we have a problem A BIG PROBLEM... my mind is gonna burst! cybil listen get bling out of here! RIGHT NOW!!!Flaming skull of heaven 17:17, February 20, 2010 (UTC)flaming skull
  • "I can't... I'm fighting Axel!!!", "Plus, Bling's in a chopper!" Axel punches me in the face but I dodged, his fist still grazed my cheek, causing it to bleed... "I need to finish this, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"--Cybil24 18:02, February 20, 2010 (UTC)
  • Cybil, read the pages new york spread and save the flame. "U CAN'T KILL ME". I pull out a gun and shoot you in the shoulder forcing you to fall to they ground. I walk to you. My showdow blocking out all hope for you cybil. "I have faught stronger people you know"-Axel Scott
  • "Bling we need your help, fire missles at him" i think.... "Wait, no that will kill us to"-JosephFrost0304
  • i grab a chainsaw that was for some reason just lying on the ground and cut off both axel's arm. user--Stephendwan 18:35, February 20, 2010 (UTC)
  • I watch as axel's arms grow back and is turning back to to finish off cybil i follow up by tackling you into the near by river with a strong current and with sharp rocks and hard rocks we flow down but i perform a neck breaker temporailly knocking you out. 'bling fly down the river damn *radio crashes* the water is after destroying my radio and safety devices.' user--Stephendwan 18:47, February 20, 2010 (UTC)--Stephendwan 18:47, February 20, 2010 (UTC)
  • You all start to fight with the zombies i sent and i launch two heat-seek rockets and lock axel."Bang bang.." and Axel's body tears apart.he could reborn in minutes.act fast! - Bling1907's brother
*i point my gun to my head* goodbye *and fires* *dead*Flaming skull of heaven 11:37, February 22, 2010 (UTC)flaming skull
  • Did just Flaming commit suicide?Crap.. - Bling1907's brother
  • kill.....axel...Flaming skull of heaven 11:31, February 23, 2010 (UTC)flaming skull

Side MissionEdit

  • Argghh... (Radio)Jakraus, can you hear me?... I'm okay, but my chopper is trashed, I don't know where I am. I don't get it... I checked my engine before I took off... I'm gonna take whatever I can carry, I'll grab my flare gun to let you know where I am Jak... *changes frequency* Frost, I've been grounded and I'm hiking to a clearing to have Jakraus get me... I'll contact you later... Cybil out!--Cybil24 20:34, January 31, 2010 (UTC)
  • Want some backup?I can get you if you want.. - Bling1907
  • (Radio)All right Cybil, I'm coming to get you. Just give me the flare signal and I'll find you, do try to stay alive......... best of luck to you (Changes frequency) Frost I'm going to go rescue Cybil, hope you guys find those rings.-Jakraus
  • (Radio)Jakraus, I can hear your chopper blades from where I am... but I can't see you. *sees a different chopper, I hide behind a tree* (Radio) Jak, I've got another chopper in my sight right now. It's landing near a cliff... I'm gonna try and sneak past them, maybe get some idea on who they are... Jak I need you to...*gunshot*....*footsteps*... If you want Cybil alive stay away from here
  • (Radio)Cybil?Cybil?!You there?Answer me!..(static)J..Just keep the radio open,I'll find you.. - Bling1907
  • I arrived the site but Cybil's missing.I can see a dirt track..I gonna follow it. - Bling1907
  • I'm here. Bling, come with me. Jakraus go the other way and look 4 her. Flamin', go search for the rings.-JosephFrost0304
  • I'm with ya. Let's roll - Bling1907
  • I jump in a humvee. Bling, you believe me, your leader over dante.....-JosephFrost0304
  • ?! Dante? P.S. I'm in a locked room, special lock that can't be picked, reinforced door, and I'm unconscious... lol...
  • It's a different dante. How? Did you get lock and unconscious? Your a hight class soldier!!=D-JosephFrost0304
  • We can't drive back for a locked door.Just shoot it utill it downs.. Hey,I see somthing!Stop the car. - Bling1907
  • We should probably help her, don't you think. I step on the brakes. "What!"-JosephFrost0304
  • i'm gonna laugh if there's a line of ducks on the road--Cybil24 23:14, February 4, 2010 (UTC)
  • Uh..that's a file.Let's continue,i'll read it on way - Bling1907
  • Me and dwan was just talking on pshome. We gotta plan. We think Axel may be behind this.-JosephFrost0304
  • Hey did you guys find anything?-Jakraus
  • File says they headed East.To a base..(BTW why you don't invite me to PSHome :( ) - Bling1907
  • You never on-JosephFrost0304
  • (radio to cybil and bling and jak) hurry up frost has been captured by axel we need to help him. -stephendwan
  • WTF we're on a jeep.But whatever..(Hey,i can't enter,todays my b-day :P) - Bling1907
  • DAMN IT!!!!!! Ok fine....... I'll go with you guys to rescue Frost.- Jakraus
  • Should I save Joseph?But I wanna kick Axel's..(a moment)I'm coming Joseph..damn it.. - Bling1907
  • All right I found the Steel Door! Ok Cybil brace yourself.... (I fire my latest invention: an Acid rocket from an RPG Launcher at the door and it melts). Heh heh it actually worked. Ok let's get you untied, here are your chopper keys and you're set. Now come on Cybil, the rest of the squad are in danger but we need to rescue Bling first!-Jakraus
  • Please hurry because I FUCKING PAINTED THE CAR WITH MY OWN BLOOD! HELP! - Bling1907
  • All right Jak we're gonna have to use the same chopper since mine was shot down remember, I'll be your co-pilot okay?... Radio) Bling, we're coming after you, I already have my med kit, the goons didn't even take it... Axel has idiots for hired hands... *we get to where bling is* Just hold on, this will sting a little. *injected a foam that kills any infection and stitches you up* You ready, can you walk? Jak, we better get to where Joseph is! Let's go!

side mission 2 Edit

  • i grab on a branch in the middle of the woods and pull myself of up and let axel float down stream its getting dark so i end up lighting a camp fire and setting up camp and getting something to eat before going to sleep but i hear a noise i go outside my makeshift ten and see ganandos passing by my guns are all water logged i only have my fists, tyrant hand and feet and a combat knife so i decide to wait until they past me im thinking to myself 'wait those don't look like axel's ganados nor do they look like normal people hurry up guys or i get killed by a guy with a shovel.' user--Stephendwan 19:08, February 20, 2010 (UTC)
  • You see me hobbling with a handgun... "Dawn, over here" I throw a duffle bag full of guns. "Hurry up and let's get outta here!" I'm going to find where Axel is"... "Go meet up with Joseph and the others, they're going to meet up at the cabin up north from here" "I'll meet up with you later!"--Cybil24 20:13, February 20, 2010 (UTC)
  • I come out of the camp and put out my fire and then reload my weapons 'cybil becareful we don't know where axel is and they is some ganados around here and warn bling to be careful one of them has a rocket launcher and may blow up the helicopter actually a few of them have grenade launchers' i make a spear out of a branch near by and put poison on it just incase i run out of ammo. -stephendwan
  • You see a radio falling slowly.You pick up and hear "A killer chopper at your service".So,where do you want to erase from earth? - Bling1907(good news,real user[my big brother]will come back three days)
  • Branches break in the distance. You two aim the guns but just see me walk out, holding a shotgun. "I think we better get back to Joseph, Jakraus, and flaming before Axel does"-Rocker&Rapper
  • Look out bling ganados with stinger missles i shoot one of them in the head 'we should worry about our own lives its what is most in risk of getting killed out here. and how the hell did you know where i am.' user--Stephendwan 21:17, February 20, 2010 (UTC)
  • I lower my gun... I put my pistol back into it's holster. "I'm going to find out where Axel's hiding, make sure no one follows me... I don't want any of you guys getting killed now."... a smirk on my face... "I'll be fine" I walk deeper into the woods... Not hobbling as bad now.--Cybil24 21:30, February 20, 2010 (UTC)
  • i follow cybil through the woods shooting a few wolves infected with plagas along the way 'CYBIL KEEP AWAY FROM THE BODY!!! i don't trust his own dead body' I take off his glasses 'just as i suspected this is not axel his eyes are full of evil hatred things these are the eyes of a fake axel' I back off from the body when all of a sudden a two el gigantes appear from the forests one with a bullet proof jacket. user--Stephendwan 17:11, February 22, 2010 (UTC)
  • ROFL Choppa' to teh rescue!I launch two rockets and blow up one of the Gigante's.I gonna get re-fuelled,watch yourself.(Bling1907's back y'all!..but it hurts..) - Bling1907(the original)
  • I enter the near by house to look for clues on how these ganados one of the house owners is a ganado so i shoot him and his wife who also turned into one i look in the bathroom for special reasons and while im in there a Dr. Savalador comes in with his chainsaw cutting the door down 'CAN A GUY NOT GET SOME PRIVACY HERE >( rolf' i kill him and go back to my business but then a iron maiden comes in 'HOLY SHIT' ps sorry if this sounds stupid but we need a bit of comedy in this game. user--Stephendwan 18:32, February 22, 2010 (UTC)
  • I walk in forest and see the house."Dwan!You finished?" - Bling1907

the battleEdit

  • I walk into a old dusty parking lot, Jakraus and Flaming behind. I radio Cybil. 'Cum on where we are, i thought we are finishing this thing with axel, not going into little gando worlds, lol"-JosephFrost0304
  • I check my guns to see if they're working well and full clipped. I then checked my skin and it turned back to normal. "Whew, it's calmed down for now, Joseph sir, any traces of Axel yet?"-Jakraus
  • (Radio) Sir, I found Axel's remains but something doesn't look right... I'm going to analyze it now" Takes a sample of charred tissue... mixes chemicals. (Radio)"Uh sir, gimme your location I have a... situation that I think you need to see"--Cybil24 03:09, February 22, 2010 (UTC)
  • "Holy crap" Flaming, I can understand if you wanna die but at least have axel kill you or somethingto . make it official. "Cybil, we are down the river 2 miles and 1 mile east"-JosephFrost0304.
  • "Hi cybil" my eyes open and i kick you up in the air. U slam on the ground and walk to Dwan. I look at him. "I want you to be part on this". I walk to where Joseph, Flaming, and Jak is. I slam my fist to Frost's head making him fall to the ground. I kick Jak to the ground and aim a gun at flamings head. He kicks me to the ground, but I trip him. I grab his gun and shoot him in the arm. He pulls out a knife and stabs it in my head. I fall to my knees. I pull out the knife. I smile. "You all know what happens know". I run up to Skull and stick the knife right in his heart. He falls to the ground. Blood pouring every where. The last face he sees in mine, the last words he hears is me saying "Bye, Bye". Flaming is dead. "This just keeps getting better and better"-Axel Scott
  • I fire my assault rifle at Axel but only got a few bullets on him. ".......I..... I don't... get it. Why did Flamin' want to end his life right now? Why did he have Axel kill him right there?" I thought to myself. - Jakraus
  • Since im a super human tyrant thing i shoot out the lights to make it dark so that axel can't see what im doing and my infraed light eyesight to be able to see axel i then use my strength to pick him up and throw him down the side of the cliff he ends up impaled on one of the sharp rock thing through his head i then use a rocket launcher to fire at axel blowing him apart into the cold ocean.-stephendwan

Dude, dwan. You can't just change the settings. The points of a roleplaying is that you can only type a little at a time so people can cut in, Like life. I turn and Grab the barrel of jaks gun and bend it. He looks at me with amazment. I kick him to a brick wall. i turn to Dwan and smash him to a wall. "You think your so strong don't you". You hold your ribb cage and look at me. I pull out a gun and aim it at his head. But Cybil tackles me to the ground, forcing me to drop my gun-Axel Scott

  • i grab Axel's gun and point it at his head, I wipe my blood on the barrel of the gun "this is for my comrade".... POP!!... pop pop pop pop pop pop, (gunshots btw) i lower my gun knowing he's gonna regenerate but i get everyone and got out--Cybil24 23:04, February 22, 2010 (UTC)
  • 2 late. I drop a ton of bricks where all the exits are. I take a rope and fling it around cybils leg. I drag her to me. BAM BAM. She shoots my arm before I kill her. I am on my knees, she has a gun to my head. I look at her. A normal look in my eyes. You all have guns pointed at me. "Let me ask you this cybil". this is for cybil and know one else. "You guys all see me as the bad guy. I am the bad guy. I am what makes this game so good. I am the reason you have most of your battles. Now tell me this, what is your website without me? If i die now, what will be fun here. Now cybil, do think miracles are real? Do you think it is a miracle i am almost dead? Do you think all this that has become the U.B.C.S. is a miracle. Or. Do you beleive that people just get lucky. It's luck that I am almost dead. Or. do you beleive that nothing is nothing. That after this life there is nothing. That every thing just happenes to how comes it's way. Now cybil. Do you understand what i have just told you? I stand up. I grab your gun and put it to my head. you the handle back in your hands. "Shoot". "But before you pull that trigger, look up". You look up and see that there is a boulder being held by a rope. "I am holding the rope". I look at you all. This boulder falls in .001 second. If i let go, we both die. There is nothing you guys can do. (Please no one right before cybil does)-Axel Scott
  • Uh Axel you can make another account right?...
  • I'm trembling from the lack of energy and blood loss... You know that I'm exhausted and might try to do something stupid... "Axel, you've been underestimating me since you started to reek havoc against the U.B.C.S.", "Even if I do die, they're is always more who will follow my path" I shoot you... and look back at my team before the bolder hits me...--Cybil24 01:47, February 23, 2010 (UTC)

"Cybil no"!!!!!!!!!!! I drive a car over cybil, enough to cover her. The boulder lands on the car. Cybil crawls from under the car. You guys run to the car to c if i'm alive.-JosephFrost0304

  • "Captain!" Jak, Dawn and I pull joseph out of the car. "why... why... why did you do that"--Cybil24 03:30, February 23, 2010 (UTC)
  • 'I am sorry to say that the revival trick will not work again if he dies this time it just does not work they was only one drop left to be used so that we revive him the first them we can't do it now' I check frosts pulse 'its very faint and his body is getting cold his coughing up blood im sorry guys' I then check if axel is still alive and also to collect DNA so that umbrella can create there own axels under our orders 'im sorry but since I am not a human anymore they made me with no emotions on the battlefield.' Bling lands his helicopter I pick up both frost and axel *axel for testing on his body to make our super axel clones to help umbrella* 'lets go home now and rest we have to tell the others the bad news.' user--Stephendwan 17:11, February 23, 2010 (UTC)
  • I grab dwan's arm before he puts me in the chopper. "I'm alright". I turn to cybil. "Risk ones self to save another". I take the DNA from dwan. And i smash it. "We need NO more Axels". I stand up. And load Flamings body onto the chopper. "I don't know weather he is dead or not". I hold my frost redemmer. "Axel. Ya he's dead". Jakraus, and Cybil walk up to me and Dwan. "There is still one thing we need to solve". I sigh. Where are the 5 people that wanted the rings for evil". We all look at each other. "Here we go again". "How about we go to the Hot house to party again.-JosephFrost0304. (Our theme song is blasting as we all walk out)

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