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In this list are UBCS members and civilians tributed video in which they all died.

Operation Spain and Salazar's castle. Edit

  • Goblin6. He died as he was about to escape the Salazar castle on a boat. He then sadly got squished by an Ndesu.
  • Civil 1. One of the many people who refused to get injected with the Las Plagas. Got their head chomped off by a Dr. Salvador as he grabbed a gun.
  • Civil 2. Strangely enough, got accidentally stepped on by a friendly El Gigante.
  • Civil 3. Got a Garrador's claws shoved through his skull then got lifted up,and then got them in the torso.
  • Civil 4. Got bitten by a zombie and got infected and turn into a zombie that i had to impale him with my tyrant arms through the mouth.
  • Civil 5. Got choked and impaled by Bitorez.
  • Civil 6. Got his neck chomped on by a Regenerator and then an Iron Maiden came along grabbed them, and impaled them. This caused the Regenerator to explode, which killed them all.

Operation Raccoon City. Edit

  • Fellow Prisoner. Got Licker claws shoved down his mouth repeatedly, and then got the head banged against the wall.
  • Chicken. Got infected by the t-virus so I impaled it.
  • Prisoner 2. One of the tyrants bit his head off.
  • Civil. who nearly survived but a piece of a building fell through his head.
  • Almost all civilians. They died as the nuke exploded on the ground.

Operation Zoo. Edit

  • Nighthawk. He died as an unknown person threw him into a pit with a zombie lion that bit his head off.
  • Zoo keeper. Just got eaten by a zombie.
  • Zoo owner. Went mad because of the t-virus, and killed himself then got fed to the lion that got infected and killed nighthawk.
  • Customer. Got pushed off of the top of the roof and got his head impaled by a spikey electric barbed wire fence by a zombie elephant, which then fell down on top of him.

Operation: Deep Trouble Edit

  • Weskiller - Killed in a Licker ambush.
  • KrauserJack234 - Escaped a Lickers ambushed but was killed by a Tyrant.
  • Civilian 1 - Partially eaten by a Brain Sucker, remains thrown into the Sewer.
  • Sewage victim - Committed suicide by jumping into a Sewage processing compartment.

Operation New York SpreadEdit

  • Agent Faces- Nemisis crushed his head in

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