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This is our theme song. I took a pole on other wikis, and this came up as number 1

Verse #1

I will save you;
But you won't know my name;
While you're sleeping;
midnight dreaming;
Waking up to a new day;
I'll be your hero;
no matter who you are;
Now my honor never falter;
Protect freedom for us all;


I will never leave you to fend for your self;
Trust me to stand behind you, I'm your glory unseen.

Verse #2

I will know you;
and I will be your friend;
Loyalty protects us;
It's a bond that'll never end;
I will lead you, you will lead me;
Lead each other to victory;
We are steadfast;
courage will last;
in the face of the enemy.

Chorus #2

I will never leave you to fend for yourself;
Trust me to stand behind you;
I'm your glory unseen;
I could never betray you;
You fall, but I save you;
I'll stand right by you;
I'm your glory unseen.

Verse #3

Strength now failing;
Skies grow darker;
Amror holding;
We're surrounded;
Constant with me;
We won't cower;
Battle's closer;
We can win this.


  • That song was "Glory Unseen" by some band.

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