Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service

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  • Attention. I thought we were gonna get let loose when Flaming died and Chrisleon quit. But now one of my old best friends from when i was in the B.S.A.A. has agreed to join us. His name is Krauser Pk18. I think he is a top class soldier and will take up the strength of both flaming and chrisleon-JosephFrost0304

The founder of the U.B.C.S.


The offical U.B.C.S. role playing game website

Welcome to U.B.C.S.
The wiki about the U.B.C.S. role playing game that only members can edit. Talk to either of the leaders to become a member
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  • This is a game created by JosephFrost0304. The leaders of the game are JosephFrost0304 and Cybil24! You may contact either of them if you wanna play
  • U.B.C.S. is a group of highly trained soldier and top goverment agents brought into one team to secure the secrets that umbrella is trying to hide.

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  • U.B.C.S. This is the main page with all the teams! |
  • S.O.A.C.W. Newest addition to the U.B.C.S.
  • Transfers If some on gets transferred to a different branch.
  • Intensive Care This tells you about members in intensive care. Like, Gang banger is not dead, just injured and this tells you about his current position.
  • Hot house This is where people come to relax.
  • Gear. This sections tells you what gear the U.B.C.S. uses.
  • Vehicle Hangar. This section explains about the vehicles the U.B.C.S. operates.
  • Up coming missions. This tells you where the U.B.C.S. might have some missions in the coming future.
  • Jail. This is the jail.

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"Risk ones self to save another"-JosephFrost0304