• This central office gives the UBCS 100,000 points a week. The points they give our members get taken away from the 100,000.


  • 100,000 - JosephFrost0304 10,000 =90,000 left for U.B.C.S.


If a 3 members do a mission, i give them 10,000 points each.

  • If you do alot of missions and show aporve ment to this wiki, i will give you a raise.

SPARTAN-984's weaponsEdit

He charges 750 points to make a weapon. But it costs him 100 points to make them. (Okay SPARTAN =P).


If you buy somthing from another member you must take away that much points, and the person you sold the item from gets that much more points.

No moreEdit

If the U.B.C.S. money gets lower than 13,000 you can get no more raises for that week our SPARTAN-984 can't make no more weapons.

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