This is where the vehicles used by the U.B.C.S. are stationed at, before and after missions. Repairs and tune-ups often happen here.


Air AssaultEdit


This is for anyone who would like to bring people to there battles. Helicopters are for out-of-state transport and the Humvee's are for light transportation.

These helicopters do not have guns on them.


Rapid Assault Transport Hip.

  • Pilot-Bling1907 I got my license with Brad Vickers. I'm trying to escape with a chopper from Raccoon City but it was broken. I can fix lower damages.
  • Co-pilot---Cybil24 I was taught by my cousin who's in the U.S. Marines. I'm a co-pilot from time to time, but when it comes to Bravo, I fly my chopper in and out of missions. I'm pretty handy with a wrench myself. Favorite line when people are impatient: "Sorry, bad traffic".

Rapid AssaultEdit

This is for anyone who likes to be up in the air and kill several people at once. These Helicopter do have guns on them.

  • Pilot-Jakraus A Rapid Assault pilot from Charlie team. I fly straight to the requested targets, contact any U.B.C.S. members nearby to stay back and take cover, then I give the creatures some sweet, sweet death from above. =)
  • Rocketeer-NeoDanteI used to help out Cybil24 from time to time. Now I'm certified to handle heavy weapons like Gatling guns and Rocket launchers. Since I can't fly I still need the support of a well trained pilot.

Ground AssaultEdit

Vehicle Division Edit

This is for anyone who knows how to drive one of these bad boys. These are for light transport. (4 slots open: a driver, a navigator,a guy at the top gun, and one guy at the back gun)

File:HUMVEE 1.png
File:HUMVEE 2.png

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